Get a better grip on your rig.

Quality Action Handles for DPs and Camera Operators

Protect your camera



Each unique handle is hand finished, so no two products are the same. The Batt is a beautiful and practical statement piece for any camera rig.

Durability & Versatility

Grip, grab, twist and turn your camera rig without worrying about accidentally disconnecting the battery or damaging expensive components.

Standard Mounting

The Batt is available with 15mm or 19mm rod clamp rail blocks, but you can use any mount that has 1/4" through holes spaced 18mm apart from center to center.

Customer Reviews

It has always been frustrating trying to control the camera with my battery plate. Until now, I haven’t seen a simple, elegant solution to solve this problem. Now, we use the batt handle on every shoot - we get maximum control of camera without jeopardizing camera components.

Dylan Melcher, Filmmaker